Hudson Block Co.

Do you need a great, personalized gift for a new baby, birthday, christening, baptism, or some other special occasion? We love these name blocks from Hudson Block Co. They are $7 per block and ship in 1-2 weeks. Even better? Hudson Block Co. has a great story and are made close to us in Warrensburg, Mo.


Husband and wife, Dave and Nancy, were looking for simple, safe, organic toys after the birth of their first grandchild. As a former teacher, Nancy wanted an “open ended toy” that would encourage learning and creativity, as well as last beyond the infant stage. Not finding what they wanted, they starting making their own blocks. Dave uses local maple hardwood to create the blocks. He burns the letters by hand using old fashioned branding irons. This keeps babies safe from paints and finishes. Nancy then rounds the corners of the blocks and polishes them until they are silky smooth. We love these and love that they even come packaged in the little bag you see in the photo above! A great idea for your next gift!

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