A Tie to Morocco


We are lucky at The Little House to have our very own connection to the Tea Morocco collection. Two of our sweet little customers, Adam and Halima, are twins and their father is from Morocco. We asked them a few questions about Morocco and appreciate them sharing their thoughts with us!

Q&A with Adam and Halima

 From what part of Morocco is your Dad (or as they say in Morocco, Baba)?   Baba is from Fez or Fes. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the medieval city is 1,200 years old and home to the oldest university in the world. Fez is the third largest city in Morocco with roughly one million inhabitants.

What is Baba’s favorite memory from Morocco?   Traveling with his parents by train from Fez to the coastal city of Tangier. During the train journey, passengers see various Moroccan landscapes and farms. Tangier is on the North African coast where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean off of Cape Spartel, so there are water taxis to take you from the port to the beach and back again.

Do you have a favorite Moroccan food?  Chicken bastilla is Baba’s favorite food. It’s typically made for special occasions, but it’s also prepared for family feasts. It’s like a chicken pie with saffron-flavored chicken, crunchy almonds, scrambled eggs, and more. We love it too!

What Moroccan traditions do you celebrate as a family?  In our family, we drink quite a bit of Moroccan tea and enjoy making and eating tajines. Tea is a big part of Moroccan tradition and culture. When guests come over, tea is served along with delectable homemade cookies. Tajines are made of meats and vegetables and served over couscous. We buy our couscous, but our grandmother makes her own!

Adam and Halima, what can you tell us about Morocco?  In Morocco they speak different languages (Berber, Arabic, and French). They also ride camels. We saw a statue of a cool big Barbary lion. And we love the horses in Morocco.

Thanks again Adam and Halima! We can’t wait to see you wearing all the looks from the Tea Morocco collection as you celebrate your heritage.

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