Join Us Saturday, Feb. 11 for a Book Signing of “The Bravest Adventure”!

A little girl who can set off on whatever grand adventure she chooses to explore. That’s the premise of The Bravest Adventure, a new children’s book now available at The Little House. 
Join us Saturday, Feb. 11 to meet the author and illustrator. They will be signing books in store from 10am to 1pm. 

We invite you to explore the story and inspire your children with the engaging words and gorgeous illustrations. In the words of an Amazon review: “If you are looking to inspire, encourage, and captivate the mind of a precious little loved one, look no further than this breathtaking book.”



 The Bravest Adventure was written and illustrated by sister-in-laws. Author Elizabeth Coons lives in Lawrence where she raised her two sons. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education and has spent much of her life as a writer. Illustrator Betony Coons is originally from Little River, KS and now lives in Greeley, CO. She’s a mother of four and her work always involves creativity and collaboration. We’re thrilled to welcome them both to The Little House! Hope to see you Saturday!

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